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I think most will recognize this organ from my YouTube organ build videos,


This recording is one from when the new owner Gary speed returned the organ to have the lights and accordion fitted. So it now as 1 of the 2 accordions I built, fitted with 2 blowers with a 64 note midi driver board in stalled.


Please note the pipes at this point needed retuning to the accordion, I didn’t have the time on the day of this  recording and Garry wonted to have a go at tuning it him self. So the pipe work sounds a bit off with the accordion. It’s not the music it’s the organ in this particular video.


It was coming back in this week for recording a DVD for my self and Gary.  Please help find “de old wisler” that’s its name but I never revealed it.

If you see this organ or its trailer please contact the police.

Or you can contact me but if you see it please contact the police first.

Like Garry I’m very sickened by the above.

On a sad note, this organ was stolen on Wednesday night Thursday morning September 1st/2nd 2010.

I don’t know much about the circumstances around the theft as the owner is in bits.

We/I’m not under the allusion it was stolen for the organ more like the box trailer it was housed in.  

Garry Speed

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