4 Effective Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Campaign in the UK

  1. Create Relevant Ads

When it comes to your ad, you have very little time to capture the attention of the user and convince them that your product or service is what they are looking for at that exact moment. A relevant ad will catch their eye much faster than a non-relevant ad, giving you more time to sell them on whatever it is you have to offer. This can be done by using keywords in your ad text and image if allowed but also making sure your landing page goes into further detail about what you’re offering. Make sure everything matches up so even if people aren’t ready to buy when they get there, they remember who you were and come back later when they do need something from you. Also, include a call to action in your ad text such as “Shop Now” or “Find Out More”, again to further push them toward taking the next step.

  1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

According to PPC Agency London, Using long-tail keywords, those with 3+ words is a great way to find those people who are closer to making a purchase because they have already indicated their interest by typing in their full query into Google’s search engine and not just using a generic keyword like “shoes”. They may also do additional research before ever clicking on an ad, but if your landing page has this information there you will be one step ahead of them and converting at a much higher rate. If you can provide exactly what they were looking for after an initial search, they will likely become a repeat customer and you will begin to see results that last.

  1. Optimize Ads

Ads should be tested on a regular basis in order to find the most effective ad copy and keywords for your particular campaign. Perform split tests of ads and keywords and track which perform best over time. Once you’ve found the top performers you can stop testing and start scaling up your budget while continuing to get more return from your successful ads. This is also known as “SEM optimization”. Google Adwords provides an A/B split testing option along with other tools such as ad rotation options such as rotating through different ads evenly or by priority so you get all of them shown more often than others but only show each one once in a while.

  1. Track Results

Tracking is essential for any paid search campaign because you want to know which keywords are converting and which ones aren’t, how often ads are being shown, impressions, CTR’s etc. You will also need to track the ROI on your ad spend so that over time you can calculate exactly how much it costs to get a conversion compared to what each conversion was worth. This way you can scale up your budget when necessary but maintain an effective cost per lead or sale. When working with SEO companies London, also keep in mind that Google Analytics tracks campaigns differently than Adwords so if you have both running at the same time make sure they are set up correctly so there isn’t any overlap in data collection, otherwise all of your results may be skewed.

4 Effective Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Campaign in the UK